At Edmonton Tanning Salons we are dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. To ensure you go home with the perfect tan, we have invested in state-of-the-art beds and are committed to providing the best tanning experience.

In our harsh, northern climate, it’s virtually impossible to maintain a sun-kissed glow year-round. Even more important, the absence of adequate sunlight can lead to seasonal depression and vitamin D deficiencies, affecting your mood and health. The amount of vitamin D from sunlight we receive during the months of October though March is limited. However, even in the sunniest months, it can be difficult to rely on the sun to keep you feeling and looking radiant.

Tanners have been scientifically shown to have 90% higher vitamin D levels than non-tanners. Sun units and summer sunshine are effective means by which to increase vitamin D. The advantage of tanning units is the exposure to UV light can be controlled more precisely than casual sun exposure and thus can be safer than advising the public to guess at their own sun exposure from sunlight.

We strongly recommend using lotion for every session to enhance your tan. We carry a wide variety of salon quality products for you to choose from, depending on your specific tanning needs. Edmonton Tanning Salons encourages safe and smart tanning at all times. Our staff is SMART TAN certified.

Because tanning systems offer a controlled environment, complete with lotions and eyewear, they offer an ideal alternative for those who want a natural tan while minimizing the risks of sun exposure. Edmonton Tanning Salons is pleased to offer a variety of tanning systems, each with its own unique features to ensure that you get the tan you want under the supervision of highly trained and reputable staff. What’s more is we have enough booths and beds to ensure that you’ll be able to access them at your convenience, even with short notice.

Our Edmonton Tanning Salons salon is well sanitized and impressively clean as a result of our properly qualified tanning technicians. The Tanning Edmonton team is friendly and knowledgeable and we are here to maximize your tanning experience. No appointment necessary!

Sun exposure, like water, food and air, is Natural and necessary to human life. Our vision is that all Canadians learn to correctly embrace ultra violet and sunshine as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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